Monday, January 10, 2011


I have been feeling sluggish, and tired since last month. It might be because of the weight gain or from the stress from work. So I prefer to stay at home and just laze around. Yes I know it's unproductive and unhealthy but that was how I was feeling. 

Last Sunday, Pastor P said a prayer of healing for the whole congregation. I dont know why but I just couldn't stop crying. While tears flow from my eyes, I kept thanking the Lord Jesus and claiming healing for my body & mind and spirit. 

Pastor P said to place our hand to the area were we felt pain, I was not sure where to put it becasue I felt my whole self needed healing :-) but I placed it on my womb while thinking of the other symptoms I was feeling. Immediately I felt warmth over my whole body while feeling a cold breeze also. I know I was healed that time. The pain on my left lower back (for days) was gone, my sprained right ankle was feeling better, and in my heart I know my monthly visitor (who has not been visiting me for 4-5 months already) will visit me soon!, and best of all, I felt energize and saw that life is indeed beautiful again!

Pastor asked the congregation to make a big wave for those who received healing and happily made a big waved. He also mentioned that there is someone in the congregation who was having a pain in the lower left part of the back is now healed. When he showed whch part it was, I knew he was talking about me.

Thank you Jesus for shedding your blood at the cross for my healing. Thank you for sending people to remind us of how much you love us. Thank you.

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